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Merci Boys

The Oxnard natives, DeLaun Frazier and Jackson Kohara, have always felt that fashion played a prominent role in who they are as people since adolescence. Coming from totally different cultures, they located a happy medium in style and design, creating MERCI. Driven by innovation and creativity, the designers of Merci adopted styles from heavy metal, hip hop, religion, & fine art, finding a way to mesh them together. The vast spectrum of inspiration has seemed to bode well and work in their favor. With both Delaun and Jackson coming from basketball backgrounds, they have ironically connected with players such as Jordan Clarkson from the Los Angeles Lakers and Kelly Oubre of the Washington Wizards to sport their brand. Aside from this, the subliminal “1401” is the address where the two grew up and birthed the idea to start a clothing brand.  Ideas coming to fruition for the young men and women around the world. Merci Clothing revolves around giving thanks to everyday life and enjoying every second of life.Finding someone to work well with can be catastrophic, what better business partner to have than someone you’ve known for 20 years?

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